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    A more-detailed explanation of ACTA

    WATCH THIS. Just watch.



    This is V for Vendetta, this is EVERY big brother horror story, every dark future written by any author, imagined by any artist… and it’s happening now.

    Sorry to flood your dashes but we need to get educated, get signing and get awareness… Wiki and Reddit and everyone need to do for Acta what we did for Sopa.

    I would be really happy if people from all around the world would react to this like SOPA. I mean, I protested against SOPA even though I’m in the UK and so it technically wouldn’t affect me. So, I would be overjoyed if ACTA would stir up the same reaction as the SOPA and PIPA.

    Watch and spread the word. ACTA is scary as fuck.

    Oh my god.

    Basically every popular website will be affected. Tumblr would become useless… and perhaps Facebook too… and so many others.

    They might as well delete the internet as a whole.

    We have to fight.

    Sign every single petition, tell all of your friends and family. Do everything you can to stop this misleading organistion.

    oh fuck no.

    This is serious, people.

    Way to kill all innovation assholes. 

    god the people in charge of this world are complete morons. 

    I fucking love hackivism. I really wish I was an anonymous member sometimes xD

    This is very scary. As someone who has been planning on going into journalism I have thought about what it would be like if sentences were copyrighted. Ideas like this are outdated, and should be stopped. We have to stop this from happening.

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      Well, this can’t happen in America because of the amendment about freedom of speech, but I’ll still protest…
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      this is awful!!! :(
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      Everyone needs to read George Orwell’s 1984. The government is pretty much like Big Brother.
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      A more-detailed explanation of ACTA